Aluminium Porthole

Aluminium Porthole
Aluminium Porthole

From the days of the tall sailing ships to the sleekest of the modern super yachts, water vessels have always been things of great beauty. It is no wonder that people have had an enduring love affair with pleasure craft, sailing ships and even commercial vessels for generations.
Those people who are fortunate to have their own craft know that boats and watercraft need care and attention to keep them maintained, safe and looking their best. From the very tallest sea-fairing clipper to the simplest little weekend narrowboat, boats suffer constantly from weather, water damage and damp, and without careful and diligent repairs, even the toughest tug will succumb to the elements. Boats are complex vehicles that are built using a whole range of important materials, from wood, metal and plastic to fabrics, paints and aluminium.
Sourcing Good Quality Parts
Boat owners need to be able to source reasonably priced, high-quality fixtures and fittings to keep their vessels ‘ship shape and Bristol fashion’. P.R.O. Cast in Nottingham are highly respected producers of fittings and fixtures for ships and over the last two decades they have earned themselves a reputation for top quality craftsmanship and expertise.
P.R.O. Cast provide a wide range styles of aluminium porthole. Of particular note for boat owners is the option for a double-glazed aluminium porthole, and it is worth noting that P.R.O. Cast are credited with the creation and design of the brass double-glazed porthole in both the Grand Union and Tug styles. Whether you want a brass or aluminium porthole style, P.R.O. Cast are able to make your porthole designs to order as one off products or in bulk.
The aluminium porthole finish is a really smart look for any watercraft, and the smooth silver glint will gild your boat in clean lines every sunrise and sunset. By using P.R.O. Cast, there is no middleman and so costs are kept low. As the producer of their own products, P.R.O. Cast are able to supply a full range of solid cast aluminium porthole options, in plain or powder coated finish. All the aluminium porthole options are available in both the Grand Union and Tug style of aluminium porthole. These aluminium porthole designs are also available either as static portholes or as full dropback portholes.
Other P.R.O. Cast Products
P.R.O. Cast offer far more than their aluminium porthole options, they have a wide array of fixtures and fittings in brass, aluminium and chrome for watercraft of various sizes. Some of their other great product categories are lamps and horns, chimneys, engine room fittings and tiller fittings. When you are the proud owner of a boat, you obviously want to keep it looking as smart and professional as possible, and that is why every part or fitting made and supplied by P.R.O. Cast is produced to the highest standard, from a window catch or handrail, to a whole specially made aluminium porthole.
If you want to replace or repair your aluminium portholes, contact P.R.O. Cast in Nottingham for help.

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