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Prisms & Bullseye
Prisms & Bullseye

Owning a ship or boat is a real privilege that can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. It isn’t just about sailing either, although that is a lot of fun. Each vessel is a unique piece of craftsmanship, and each fitting and fixture has a story to tell and a job to do. Owning a boat is as much about curating and caring for its story as it is about taking it out on the water.
Boat owners who really want to maintain their vessels know that boat fittings are not easy to come by, and many boat owners will have chandler that they know and trust to supply them with their essential parts for maintenance and repair. One highly trusted chandler in Nottinghamshire is P.R.O. Tech, a well-respected supplier and producer of ships parts with nearly two decades of experience. From portholes to handrails, and from chimneys to propellors, P.R.O. Cast can supply hand made parts for most sizes of watercraft. One particularly interesting product that the company provide is a range of high-quality prisms & bullseye for natural interior lighting. Read on for more information about the range of prisms & bullseye that P.R.O. Cast can provide.
The History of Prisms and Bullseye
Prisms & bullseye are clever devices for diffusing natural light into the interior of a vessel. Lighting the interior of a ship before electricity was always problematic as the main options for illumination at the time like candles and oil lamps were dangerous fire risks inside largely wooden ships. prisms & bullseye were made from glass shaped into prisms and lenses, that were fitted into the deck of the ship. The lens-like glass would collect natural light and disperse it through the cut facets of the prism into the interior of the ship. This ingenious method made the interior of ships safer and easier to use, without weakening the structure of the planks or risking fire.
Modern Prisms and Bullseye
P.R.O. Cast provide a wide array of fittings and fixtures for ships, and they have a particularly wide range of prisms & bullseye for modern watercraft. The experienced chandlery supplier is able to provide prisms & bullseye frames and prisms & bullseye full sets in a range of colours and finishes to match the overall aesthetic of your vessel. Brass, chrome, and aluminium finishes are all available for the prisms & bullseye, and there are also options for powder coated and plain frames.
Though electricity has made lighting the inside of ships safer, prisms & bullseye are still a more natural and less complicated way of allowing natural light into the ship’s interior. The technology might not have changed much in the centuries that prisms & bullseye have been used on vessels, but the modern finish and professional design from P.R.O. Cast mean that their range of prisms & bullseye are designed to the highest international standards and best quality for pleasure craft and leisure boats. Visit P.R.O. Cast now for your prisms & bullseye.

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